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The JOS is the Official Journal of the SOFFCO-MM, a national journal devoted to the publication of manuscripts dedicated to bariatric surgeons. Main objectives of the JOS is increasing surgeons knowledge regarding obesity and metabolic syndrome, continuous training in bariatric surgery and the development of innovative aspects of metabolic surgery. Authors are also encouraged to publish their research work. Technical aspects of bariatric surgery are also adressed.


The Editorial Board is made of 8 members from the SOFFCO-MM: Pr Jean GUGENHEIM, Pr Simon MSIKA, Pr Robert CAIAZZO, Pr François PATTOU, Pr Maud ROBERT, Dr Jérémie THEREAUX, Dr Lionel REBIBO, Dr Radwan KASSIR.
Manuscripts are reviewed by a scientific committee made of respected experts in bariatric and metabolic surgery.

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Format : 07/2024
Edition in May, 2017

Original Article

June 8th, 2017
Grégory Baud, Delphine Nuyten, Adrien Lee Bion, Fanelly Torres, Hélène Verkindt, Amrouni Houcine, Gilles lebuffe, François Pattou, Robert Caiazzo
June 8th, 2017
Jean-Marc Cathelinea, Naim Schoucaira, Rami Dbouka, Yasmina Bendachaa, Rodolfo Romeroa, Catherine Bonnela, Régis Cohenb
June 8th, 2017
N.Bouviez, Z.Lakkis, R.Kassir, T.Furderer, B.Paquette, N.Lamfichekh
May 15th, 2017
Dr Pierre DUPONT

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